• jinyi liu


From time to time the food we bought and stored at home has expired for a long time without notice due to a series of waste, especially those in the fridge. Thus, my friend and me want to create a new app which can remind you to check your food’s expiration date and share your extra food to your friends.

Reminding you to take your food in time is the main function of this app. At present, most of the food in the market have bar codes. This app processes the competence of scanning and searching. When you come back from the supermarket, taking only a couple of minutes to scan bar codes of your food. All information related will be recorded in this app and automatically make a list. The closest expiration date of your food will be placed at the top of this list. Several days later, when you forget what you bought or which food will expire in 5 days, your phone will pop up a remind interface to let you know. Then you can follow this list to check your fridge and deal with them. With this design, you needn’t to worry about your food. You can check your list anywhere.

In addition to the reminding function, sharing information with your friends is also a highlight of this app. Imagining, you are going for a vacation or you have to leave on business for a serval days but your foods are close to expiration date, you don't want to take them but wasting food makes you guilty. In that case, sharing function become more friendly for you. At first, register an account on this app, then login and

share your food list to your beautiful friend circle. If someone needs them, they will contact you. It not only solves your problem but also helps you find some new friends with similar tastes and habits in food.

On this app you can receive a timely reminder about your food’s expiration date and share your excessive food to your friends. Though this we can reduce unnecessary waste and cost for buy new food. Even if we are able to pay more food we love. Remember there are many people in underdeveloped areas who need food more than you.