Character Design 1

The final design of the male character is based on a security guard at the Institute of Virology. For the creation of the helmet and uniform, I drew inspiration from many science fiction and apocalypse-themed games and movies. In terms of the costume's color scheme, we avoided the traditional black, white, grey with fluorescent glow seen in many science fiction works; instead, we chose a warm orange as our theme color. The orange guard uniform design not only makes use of the color's connotation of caution but also makes the main character stand out in the cool tone environment.                                                        


To help players immersing into the role, we went for a fully airtight and sealed helmet with a built-in screen, which represents the environment where the virus was airborne. As a basic design for the main character, we reduced unnecessary details on his clothing. Thus, the overall contours and lines were also kept as simple as possible. For the design of the weapons, we adopted a streamlined design similar to a katana sword and added a color of futuristic purple, which made it lightweight and easy to carry while maintaining a fierce look.