I’m Lucas Liu, a visual designer in Vancouver, who is passionate about digital media. My study focus includes concept development, character design, scene design, and storytelling. From either hand drawing with pencils and brushes, or digital drawing with a pen tablet, I pride my visual presentation ability.  I'm proficient with multiple digital illustration software, like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. 

During my school years at ECU, I have equipped myself with sufficient art knowledge. My research and practice topics include the impact that digital media played on modern arts, the role of digital media in promoting art, and the relationship between artificial intelligence and art. On the other hand, I also actively participated in several digital commercial illustrations, brand design, and other projects. I served as the game visual designer in the game project Defender and created several characters and scenes to construct a fantasy world background. While working with partners and clients, I demonstrated efficient communication skills. Through the practice of these projects, I have been constantly improving my skills and accumulating industry experience.